Interactive Works

These are works that involve the listener doing more than just listening.  Most of these works are site-specific, meaning that to get the most out of them you need to experience them in a particular location.  I have given what3word addresses for these locations - visit what3words here.

KX100 Mk2 (2019) - around 8 minutes; requires £1 coin.


A Chaos Magick ritual in a phone box, in which you - yes you! - communicate with the past and the future.

Mk1 was site-specific to a particular phone box at Southampton University, but Mk2 can be experienced in other phone boxes of the same model.

Featured artist: Aoi Okuyama

Still Listening - Valley Garden Soundwalk (2018) just over 10 minutes


A gentle stroll around the Valley Gardens at Southampton University, Highfield Campus

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