• Peter

New obsession: Hainbach

Interested in tape loops, ambient electronica, new developments in synthesiser technology, and making music from hulking great blocks of electronic lab testing equipment that were never intended for making music?

Hainbach’s your man.

I discovered this delightful German chap’s YouTube channel while researching Reel to Reel recorders for seatonsnook.com - it’s a mix of explanatory/exploratory equipment tests, live performances, and insights into the composer’s process. All topped off with a dollop of dry humour and a real sense of wonder at the magic of sound production.

Website is at https://www.hainbachmusik.com, with links to the YouTube channel, Bandcamp page (his new album, Ambient Piano Works, is a treat), and live dates (including a rare U.K. show in Aldershot on 14th Sept 2019)

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