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I used to use Twitter as an outlet for my brain flatulence, but got banned one too many times. I was rude to both Olly Murs and The Fonz. I mean, there are actual Nazis on there, but god forbid you say anything bad about that that creepy nonce.*

I'm only on Facebook so I know which university-based events I'm invited to, which is a good barometer for how much I embarrassed myself at previous events.

I'm not on Instagram because I like actually eating food rather than photographing it.

I'm not on Snapchat because I'm not interested in sending photographs of my genitals to people who aren't my wife.

So it looks like this is it. A good, old-fashioned blog. This is the place where I can dump various random thoughts, share self-important musings on my creative process, drone on about art that catches my attention... and above all, this is the place where my chances of post-PhD employment will be thoroughly compromised.


* Legal Note: For clarity, this is referring to the much loved fictional character Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, and not the much loved fictional character Olly Murs

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