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I pop up here and there as a lecturer, musician, and a voiceover artist. I'm also very affordable, with minimal diva tendencies. 

Voice work

antisemitism - a new (((musical))) about old tropes. (2022) by Uri Agnon

I perform pre-recorded vocals as The Twitter Choir

Presented at the Camden People's Theatre, October 2023.

Microsong Cycle (2021-23) by Olly Sellwood

A piece written for vocals, clarinet, accordion and electronics.

Premiered with Zöllner-Roche duo at Iklectik, London, 26th September 2023

The other side of the sign (2021) by Harry Matthews

Narration of a poem by John Clare on this piece for Plus-Minus Ensemble

Piano work

amalgamations by Sophie Stone, 2022, Sawyer Editions

Piano performance of this 2016 piece by Sophie Stone as part of an album of performances on various instruments, featuring Lauren Redhead, Peter Nagle, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, and myself.

Pipe work

Living Tones and Musical Objects - performance by Vocal Constructivists, Pentameters Theatre, London, July 2023

Pipes, vocals, and live loops, with music by Jin Hi Kim, Michael Parsons, and others

Outsiders S2E2 - Renegade Productions for Dave (UKTV), broadcast November 2022 - playing the smallpipes while helping Phil Wang and Fatiha El-Ghorri write an anthem in honour of host David Mitchell.

Scratch and the Sequence - performance by Vocal Constructivists, Pentameters Theatre, London, July 2022

Amongst other activities, as part of this Fluxus-inspired ensemble I played the pipes, swept the stage whilst singing a bastardised O Sole Mio, and marked the passage of time on an egg.


Review of 20C Remix by Standing Wave ensemble.

Tempo Journal: Vol.76 issue 302

A treat of a compilation, featuring reworked versions of pieces by Ann Southam, Bela Bartok, Claude Debussy, and Justin Timberlake.   

Review of Cosmic Time by The Sound Collectors Lab

Tempo Journal: Vol.77 issue 305

Accessible and enjoyable exploration of sonic representations of time

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