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"Works" is a funny word, isn't it?

Some people say "Works"; others say "Compositions"; others say "Situations" or "Happenings." I'm leaning towards "Creations" at the moment, but I'm not entirely sure, so I'll leave it as "Works" for the time being.  


"Works" in progress, you might say.


Hell's teeth, Peter... 


Bella Danby gave me this tune (2024) - piano, cello, marimba

Fatto è meglio che perfetto (2023) - piano, viola, flute

And still we carry on (2023) - concert band

sama (2022) - string quartet

Wir dulden keine Gammler (2022) - mezzo soprano, alto saxophone, piano

Go Johnny Go Go Go Go (2022) - solo viola

Quiet Resolution (2021) - piano

Take your coat off when you get in (2020) - solo viola

The Crofter's Dream (2020) - harpsichord

Canch End Dawn (2020) - piano, violin, crotales

"Pity Me" Chorale (2018) - brass quartet



** Would not recommend (2022) for HMP Portland

, by the way (2021) - featuring Zöllner-Roche duo 

At last, the leopards (2019) - with The National Trust Speke Hall

Dream Conversation: down to the beach (2019)

No person should starve in a good, compassionate country (2018)

Lift Up (2018)

Hi There (2017)


Quimby (For Glenn) (2021)


KX100 (2019)

Still Listening (2018)

Dance Collaborations

Identity (2017) - with Anna Guzak and Rhiannon Bromley

(Un)Known (2016) - with Proxima Dance

Life's Secret Games (2015) - with Proxima Dance

Limited (2015) - with Proxima Dance

Film Soundtracks

Hermeneutica (2021)

Tozzi Toys (2016)

Shadow Dance, from Peter Pan Goes Wrong (BBC/Mischief Theatre), 2013

226 Bees (2018)

Quota (2016)


Over the years I've written for a European Prog Rock band and a Playboy centrefold, and recently remixed a track for arse-kicking disco punks Bugeye. I've also written songs for parafictional band The Peoples Mass, which they kindly recorded a couple of decades before I was born.

Anyway, here's a selection of songs written in a misguided attempt to achieve fame and fortune, that I'm nonetheless very fond of. One day I'll probably put some sort of an album together, which will be fun. 

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