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The Crofter's Dream (2020)

Solo harpsichord, with narration


Commissioned for the Horniman Museum's Hear It Live! programme, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, making new works for old instruments. The piece was played by Jane Chapman on the newly restored 1668 Onofrio Guarracino virginal (tuned to C quarter comma meantone)

A vivid programmatic piece written by Seaton Snook composer Gaynor Leigh for her friend Jane Hopper, relaying a dream told to Leigh by a resident of The Wide Open, Seaton Snook. The dream - and the piece - appears to foretell the destruction of Seaton Snook.

Score available - contact for details

Performed by Jane Chapman, 2021, courtesy of the Horniman Museum, London

Score available - contact for details
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