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Climbing vs Conquering

Two mountaineers live in the land of Freedonia.

The first mountaineer's goal is to conquer El Bastardo, the biggest mountain in all of Freedonia.

The second mountaineer's goal is to climb as often as they can, and enjoy their hobby.

Our intrepid mountaineers are both half way up El Bastardo, when a pair of ravenous winged manticores swoop down and catch the climbers in their claws.

The first mountaineer is consumed with regret: "I never conquered El Bastardo! I die a failure!"

The second mountaineer is also rather miffed at being picked off the side of a mountain, but thinks, "Ah well, at least I got a lot of good climbing in before getting eaten by this manticore."

Woodcut image of a manticore.
Woodcut from Edward Topsell's "The Historie of Foure-footed Beastes" (1607)

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