The 2020 
Paul Daniels Memorial Snuff List

Welcome, ghouls!


The 2020 Paul Daniels Memorial Snuff List competition is upon us, and it’s time get your lists in for this year.


£5 entry

You pick 10 Celebrities

You get 110 points minus the celebrity’s age at death for each one that snuffs it between entry and 31st December 2020

The person with the most points at midnight on 31st December 2020 wins the entire pot of cash

Fill in the form below, and pay for your entry either by PayPal (button at the bottom of the page) or by slipping me a fiver the next time you see me.  Your address will be added to the patented PDMSL Spreadsheet (TM), and you’ll receive regular updates as your favourite famous people pop their clogs.


A few points:

  • “Celebrities” are people you’d reasonably expect to find on sites like IMDb or Wikipedia. “Old Pat from up the road” does not count as a celebrity. 

  • All celebrity deaths will be investigated by the PDMSL team. If there is any suspicion of assassination by someone in the competition, that person’s list will be ejected from the competition and their £5 fee donated to Cats Protection.  

  • In the event of resurrection of a celebrity through scientific or supernatural methods, the death will still be accepted.  If that celebrity should then re-die during the same year, the first date will be void and the second date accepted. You will not receive double points for a double death. 

  • The judge's decision is final, and there are no refunds.

  • Questions and disputes should be addressed to the Snuff List Ombudscat, Dr Bootsy Collins, C/O

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