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TozFal Kitchen Assistant Demo (2023)
Peter Falconer & Karen Tozzi


10min 55sec

In the late 1990s, TozFal began development of a new technology 

designed to help kitchen workers in their PK Diner chain solve 

immediate menial issues without needing to hassle the shift manager 



Working with William Chaloner, a self-claimed expert in Artificial 

Intelligence, the company rolled out the hand-held devices to all of 

the PK Diners on the Eastern Seaboard and Missouri. 


Unfortunately Chaloner was a con artist; an ice cream salesman with

no knowledge of the workings of Artificial Intelligence.


Not only did TozFal lose a significant sum of money they had 

given to Chaloner to finance the project, but the devices 

themselves proved to be completely useless, incapable of 

answering any questions of relevance to the kitchen workers, 

except for those relating to soft-serve ice cream. 


Within six months, the entire catering division of TozFal was 

wound up, and all PK Diners were closed down, including  the 

one in Missouri. 


Chaloner’s whereabouts since then have never been 

conclusively ascertained.

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