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Electronics Project!

So I came across this thing on Hainbach’s channel - the Soma Ether. A device used to listen to electromagnetic fields:

Cool as owt, and absolutely spot on for my Seaton Snook project. Unfortunately, I don’t have £125 spare right now (I know, imagine a musician having no spare cash!), but I did find an alternative:

The Electrosluch seems to do the same thing, though obviously not quite as well, at a fraction of the price. The only downside?

I can barely solder a jack lead. My DIY skills in general are horrendous, I barely know which end of a hammer to hold, and I do not - and don’t think I ever will - understand how electricity works.

But in the future I want to do more work with installations, and those things cost money. If I can make as much of these things as I can myself, it’ll give me a lot more options.

So, I got my materials together, and got ready to follow the step-by-step instructions on that Makezine site.

I concentrated.

I took my time.

I didn’t get frustrated, even when my soldering was less than ideal.

And the result?

Well, dear readers... no sound; a lot of heat; a fair bit of smoke. Straight in the bin.

The question is, do I give up? Or do I keep trying, maybe by learning how to make something more simple?

Watch this space. And the news, in case I blow the bloody house up!

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